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5 Sales Enablement Stats to Pay Attention to in 2017

Sales enablement requires alignment between sales and marketing. Moving into 2017, the majority of businesses are far from achieving this task. Each department has entirely different objectives, workflows, and methods of measuring performance.

As a result, sales reps are struggling to be efficient with content, which is reflected in the following 5 statistics:

Stat #1:

Sales reps are digging around for content they can use nearly 2 hours per day in the workplace. File management between sales and marketing continues to be a struggle, and it's not getting any better.

Stat #2:

Granted, some content provided by marketing will have certain audiences that might not appeal to sales prospects, but 65% is way too large of a number. A lack of communication between departments is the source of this issue. Marketing is building content with no insights from the sales team.

Stat #3:

Marketing finally decides to build content for sales, but then goes back to their usual workflow and completely forgets about them. Companies change, as do sales strategies, product features, and service offerings. Marketing and sales need to be on the same page to consistently update collateral that is valuable for B2B sellers.

Stat #4:

Organizations don't know what kind of content sales is using. As a result, marketing is in the dark on what type of content is working for the sales team. There needs to be an emphasis on tracking used content by sales to help optimize this process.

Stat #5:

To avoid conflict with marketing, sales teams are building their own content. The quality of content in terms of structure, wording, and design takes a serious hit when provided by a sole sales rep. Due to a lack of open communication, sales do it anyway, and therefore, content isn't optimized to its fullest potential.

Next Steps for Sales Enablement in 2017

If your organization is feeling these pain points, you need to implement a sales enablement strategy that aligns sales and marketing. Dig deeper into how you can streamline communications between both departments.

Our Starter's Guide to Sales Enablement provides the initial knowledge needed to move in the right direction:

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