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B2B Smarketing: Two heads are better than one

Marketing Interactions CEO Ardath Albee compares the dilemma relationship between sales and marketing with the image of a two-headed llama:

Pushme-Pullyu: A llama with heads on either end.
The B2B Push-Me, Pull-me philosophy

What is the two-headed llama?

You have sales on one side, thinking "I have to present a second pitch! Let's go!" and marketing is on the opposite end, thinking "But I've got to stay here and run data." The risk is that nothing moves forward. It's a clever comparison that some may scoff at but really pushes (and pulls) the point.

At the root of both objectives, the fuel to the fires within both departments is The Buyer's Journey.

Your content creation team aims to highlight genuine solutions for all of the customers touch points, wherever they are in your sales funnel. Both sales and marketing must come to middle ground to audit a content strategy's effectiveness.

As she reports in her post "The Value of Content Operations for Committed B2B Marketers",

Only 41% of respondents agreed they know what an effective or successful content marketing program looks like

This implies that your volume of content may be increasing - but whether or not it is effective content is another story altogether. Albee then unravels a four part operations breakdown that encourages you and your content creators to think together:

  1. Clarity for your audience
  2. Consistency is a result of clarity
  3. Control of productive engagement
  4. Collaboration between and across all teams

Whether driving traffic to a carefully designed landing page, developing webinar content and ebooks, these tips will help to keep you and your team focused as well as aligned and engaged with prospects.

We're looking forward to hearing more from Ardath Albee at B2B/C2C 2017. We will be exhibiting at the event - Booth 207. See you there?


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