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Connecting vs Interrupting

You have three objectives as a content marketer:

1. Distribute targeted content at every stage of the sales funnel
2. Discuss your strategy and results with sales and your marketing team
3. Shift accordingly

Of course, this is somewhat of a simplification. There are a number of action items and considerations spiralling between these - but these are certainly at the root. You do want to insure that you're amplifying value to your customer's journey (external) and highlighting your team's efforts (internal).

Connect with your customer using common ideas and desired experiences.
Don't interrupt your customer with fluff that
disrupts fluid engagement.

And remember: Valuable information never gets old!

Some instantly relevant formats include case studies, training materials, and interactive approaches (like polls, surveys). Tailor and distribute these to your funnel and customer experience.

When done correctly, you've not only captivated your customer's attention and responses, you will have enabled a feedback loop with your team.


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