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How Content Can Enable Sales

Sales Enablement
/sāls en-ey-buh l ment/

From the Starter's Guide to Sales Enablement

Imagine sales enablement as your company's very own dialect. It's powered by the collaboration of your smarketing teams and can drive incremental revenue.

Sales enablement speaks to a company's:

• product knowledge management
• values, resources and processes
• training and evaluating of the sales team
• aligning content that supports customers through the funnel

But how does sales enablement do all of that?

Arguably, content is your reps' most valuable sales asset. Customer acquisition needs access to an archive of relevant content to help them become the in-house, client-facing industry and product experts. They are going have hundreds of conversations throughout the buying cycle. They surely need the infographics, product knowledge and messaging to keep these conversations moving through the funnel.

It's fuel for conversation that leads to conversion

An effective sales enablement process and library can help to reduce time searching for content - for anyone in your organization. If managed well, it is a means to organize crowdsourced material, product updates, sales training assets and competitive analytics so that your sales reps can pull the most relevant responses to your prospects questions.

The idea here is:

Create content that's so good that it becomes the sales teams' secret weapon

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