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"Engaged employees are an asset to any brand"

Merging HR and Marketing efforts to increase employee engagement might be a fairly new concept but it can be simple. From a high level, both teams should look at:

1. Determine employee advocacy success metrics

Setting benchmarks and objectives is the first step of an employee advocacy strategy. The goals are two-fold: inspire a company culture that your employees can be proud of but also, of course, generate business opportunities and revenue. Clicks and shares, reach and return users - these are some of the KPIs you may be looking for.

Brand messages are re-shared 24 times more frequently when distributed by employees’ vs the brand.
Source: MSLGroup

2. Create a compelling content strategy

What is the company narrative and how does it communicate your value propositions? How much of it is created in-house and how much is curated?

Collaborate with consumers within your space, leverage external communities, and surface useful content internally.
From our post Coca-Cola: Masters of Content at Scale

3. Develop an advocate onboarding process

Uncovering your most effective employee advocates right off the bat will be difficult without a thoughtful onboarding method. This is an opportunity for employees to gain some visibility, perhaps even nurture a level of thought leadership within the company.

In this process, you will be clear about company social media practices and policies. Be sure to reflect on the importance of both the company culture and approved ways of sharing content. Perhaps an introduction to your advocacy program is built in to your interview and hiring processes

The reality is that it may be more of a challenge to get non-sales employees to share content but you'll be surprised how many social professionals will surface. Avid Twitter or Linkedin users are always looking for quality, industry content to support. They would like to demonstrate knowledge and enthusiasm for topics - you should be fuelling this.


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