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Are You A Generous Marketer?

How to Build Trust ft. Seth Godin

He's written 22 marketing books (18 of which were best selling, p.s.). You may know him from such titles-turned-buzzwords as Permission Marketing or the Purple Cow.

In this podcast, Seth blows the door wide open on what we think we want to say through our marketing versus what we should be saying through our marketing. Around the 7:10 mark, the discussion moves into the dilemma of communicating what an individual or organization is passionate about. For example: Is good marketing about demonstrating passion for a remarkable product - or is it about selling a remarkable product in a remarkable way?

"I don't think that Danny Myer is passionate about french fries. I think french fries are tool to help him get what he is passionate about which is touching people with hospitality."

No matter the industry, the return on trust is key to a successful business. The connection of trust (that can turn into loyalty) is hinged on quality. This podcast attempts to tackle the tough question:

If a brand is based on trust, this begs the question, how do we build trust and awareness at scale?


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