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Your Brand Advocates Are... In-house

With the rise of content marketing and ever-changing social media practices, it's become more obvious that our audience informs our marketing strategies. We aim to align ourselves with: What moves them? What are their challenges? What conversations matter to them?

Discovering your audience. No, the other one.

Your audience isn't always external of your organization, though. It's possible you've overlooked existing, active internal advocates. Your employees are your brand's most captive and engaged audience. They already understand and stand by your values. Loyal employees can be instrumental to building an equally loyal customer base.

Studies show consumers will listen to
individuals more than brands

There's a saying, "Put your backbone where your wishbone is." Remember that your employees are your company's backbone and they can attract the customer you wish to convert through a company narrative.

With an employee advocacy program and platform, you can:

• Align campaign messaging throughout the organization

• Get updates out efficiently

• Empower your employees who may be new to personalizing
(humanizing) their social media or email correspondence
- otherwise known as passing the mic

• Circulating competitive intelligence

• Create excitement and a space for positive feedback

• Measure sharing performance and engagement


• Activate your executive team to lead the charge

Speed Bump Alert

Chances are that your team is having a hard enough time keeping up with emails, meetings and the external social media landscape. Calling it what it is, integrating an internal social platform and developing a simple onboarding process will be your first speed bump. You'll discover that this isn't an easy endeavour, that it will take careful planning, training and resources. Perhaps your company culture isn't yet prepared for open sharing.

Consider though, that your sales team is already tapped into social media on some level.

96% of sales professionals use LinkedIn at least once a week and spend an average of six hours per week on the professional networking site.
Source: Aberdeen Research Group

The incentive is having content (like articles, videos, reports, updates) in one place, one login - on the inside before it is pushed out into the social world. That's where launching an internal advocacy program comes in. Imagine a resource hub that consolidates knowledge management with the most desired functionality of social amplification, emails, and newsletters. Because, as Marketing Strategist Ted Rubin points out:

For employees to be effective social media advocates, everyone needs to be on the same page.
Ted Rubin


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